Rules Cocktail Bar

Address: 35 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 7LB, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 207 836 5314
Website: View bar's website
Hours: Mon-Sat noon-11.30pm Sun noon-10.30pm
Style: Restaurant bar
Recommended for: Cocktails
Price guide: High-end
Food: Bar nibbles
Established: 1798

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Review Words by Simon Difford on 04-Oct-2016

Rules was established by Thomas Rule in 1798 making it the oldest restaurant in London. It serves traditional British food, specialising in classic game, oysters, pies and puddings. It is a London institution and deservedly so based upon its fabulous 'raised pie alone.

To the right of the restaurant lies a non-descript looking door and this is the entrance to the Cocktail Bar above. Those lucky enough to be issued with their own card can simply swipe themselves in while the rest of us have to negotiate entrance with the top hat wearing doorman.

Like the restaurant below, this bar is classically furnished with relaxing dark woods, panelling and luxuriant bar stools and chairs. The panelling around the top of the room and 'Narnia door' are from London's Savoy hotel.

Such a classic setting deserves reverence and accordingly there's no music, purees, weird infusions or even beer. The result is a wonderfully old-school lounge for the discerning.

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