Trader Vic's

Address: Hotel Bayerischer Hof, 2 Promenadeplatz, Munich, 80333 , Germany
Website: Not supplied
Price guide: High-end

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Review last reviewed on 2011-04-13

Wherever you are in the world, Trader Vic restaurants tend to be housed in the bunker-like basements of huge upscale hotels. This Munich outpost is no different, offering a very different experience to the Falk's Bar above (off hotel lobby).

Many of you will be familiar with this bar chain brand and its trademark bamboo and matted rush ceiling, glass floats, puffer fish, hand-carved Tiki poles and luxurious tan leather banquet seating. You'll find all the usual Trader Vic trappings here including the familiar oversize illustrated drinks menu. The obligatory Mai Tai and other signature tiki drinks are faithfully produced to the Trader's spec by friendly and obliging bartenders.

Being Trader Vic's it would be rude to imbibe without at least a nibble on the Cosmo Tidbits.

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