The Aviator's Lounge

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Address: Bentley's Restaurant, 22 St Stephen's Green, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland (Eire)
Tel: +353 16 383 939
Website: View bar's website
Hours: Daily 5pm-11pm
Style: Restaurant bar
Recommended for: Alfresco
Price guide: Middling
Food: Full menu
Established: 2005
Owned by: Richard Corrigan

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Review last reviewed on 2009-07-21

Irish celebrity chef Richard Corrigan bought the famous Bentley's Oyster bar in London in 2005 and subsequently opened this Irish outpost within a 1791 townhouse turned boutique hotel overlooking St Stephen's Green. The Aviator's Lounge is hidden up on the first floor, but don't be shy as it is open to both non-diners and non-residents.

The splendid Georgian house was formally the headquarters of the 'Ancient and Most Benevolent Order of the Friendly Brothers of St Patrick' (only in Ireland) and the building retains much of its original features. The bar itself has an upmarket gentleman's club feel with baize green walls, polished wide floorboards and antique model First World War planes suspended from the high ceiling. The Red Barron's plane flies over the bar counter with an RAF plane hot on its tail.

Comfy sofas and armchairs sit in front of a small corner bar with the terrace a constant lure for smokers. The two dozen cocktails listed on the menu are made by very able and, as is typical of Ireland, hospitable bartenders.

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