August events for discerning drinkers

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Our monthly listing of events, seminars and tastings which we consider of interest to discerning drinkers. Those events which are drinks industry specific, or have days/periods that are industry specific are marked accordingly. Enjoy!

International - Beer Day

What: A day to celebrate the widely loved beverage across the globe.
When: 2 August 2019
Where: Anywhere there's beer!
More info: International Beer Day

UK - Great British Beer Festival

What: Bringing together beer enthusiasts from different parts of the world, and breweries large and small, this is one of the UK's biggest events celebrating beer!
When: 6-10 August 2019
Where: London, UK
More info:

UK - London Craft Beer Festival

What: This festival allows guests to try new and wonderful beer and meet the brewers behind the beer. Your ticket includes all your beer, access to all areas plus a tasting glass and programme.
When: 9-11 August 2019
Where: London, UK
More info:

UK - Jigger Beaker Glass tour

What: The Jigger Beaker Glass tour returns with a fresh line-up of events, speakers and themes! Next stop is Manchester with Hospitality. Gain insight into the flawless guest journey and how to develop empathy and professionalism. Find out more about the sessions here.
When: 13 August 2019
Where: Manchester, UK
More info: Save your place here.

International - Rum Day

What: From the Mojito to the Daiquiri and the creamy Piña Colada, it's a well-deserved celebration.
When: 16 August 2019
Where: Anywhere there's rum!
More info: 10 cocktails for International Rum Day

UK - Celebrate National Rum Day with Bacardi

What: Bacardi hosts two exciting celebrations on National Rum Day. During a rum tasting journey at The London Edition, guests can explore bespoke rum cocktail menus and masterclasses on the classic Mojito and a rum Old Fashioned. All are welcome, and the event begins at 5.30pm with live music kicking-off at 7pm. For rum fans in Liverpool, Bacardi hosts a rum celebration at Duke Street Market. The first 100 guests will be offered a free Bacardi Mojito or Ocho Old Fashioned - don't miss out!
When: 16 August 2019
Where: London & Liverpool, UK
More info: For more on Bacardi rum, head over to

International - Pinot Noir Day

What: Celebrate pinot noir, a wine which can only be produced in cooler climates. The grapes are cultivated in certain regions, primarily in France, USA and South Africa.
When: 18 August 2019
Where: Across the globe, with a glass in hand.

International - Whiskey Sour Day

What: A celebratory day that begun in the USA, appearing as early as 1870, when it appeared in a newspaper.
When: 25 August 2019
Where: Anywhere you or somebody else can knock up a Whiskey Sour!
More info: 14 of the best Whisk(e)y Sours for Whiskey Sour Day

USA - Red Wine Day

What: Drink a glass of red to celebrate the wine believed to promote health if drunk in moderation.
When: 28 August 2019
Where: Raise a glass in celebration wherever you are.
More info: The Red Wine Making Method

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