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The following are newly released and other gin & genevers we've reviewed recently (newest at the top).

Please click on product names for full tasting notes, further information and to view the qualitative score out-of-five attributed to each product according to our Difford’s Guide rating system.

Reviewed July 2017

Four Pillars Bartender Series Spiced Negroni Gin
This gin was specifically designed to be used in a Negroni and it does indeed make a cracking Negroni.

Reviewed June 2017

Juniper Green Trophy London Dry Gin
This organic, London distilled, classically styled London dry gin has assertive resinous pine needle-like juniper notes with equally powerful spicy notes. The decanter-style bottle has one of those nifty glass and nylon stoppers. We also like the premium 43% strength. But strangely, both the packaging and the gin inside lack the refinement to be truly outstanding.

Haymans English Cordial Gin
Classic London dry flavours and character presented as a well-balanced liqueur. Enjoyable just sipped neat but also a versatile cocktail ingredient.

Partridges Chelsea Flower Gin
Rose and other floral notes on this gin are obvious but subtle - it is a London dry with a delicate floral note rather than being a rose flavoured gin.

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Australian Gin
The Australian answer to slow gin - this Shiraz grape steeped gin is slightly sweet with rich jammy berry flavours, but these are balanced by pine needle freshness, tannins and enlivening black pepper spice.

Four Pillars Navy Strength Australian Gin
Strong in alcohol strength and character with assertive zesty citrus and spices such as turmeric, this is far from 'London dry' in style - understandably - it's distilled on the other side of the world from London in Australia.

Four Pillars Rare Dry Australian Gin
The nose of this gin is wonderfully fresh with attractive banana aromas. This leads to a classically based dry gin with zippy spice, lavender and zesty citrus.

Colombo No.7 London Dry Gin
This gin may be distilled with exotic ingredients such as curry leaf but it is classically restrained in style - a true London dry - just with subtle hints of a more exotic place than London.

Isle of White HMS Victory Navy Strength Gin
A truly Navy Strength Gin (57% alc./vol.) that's juniper-led and classically dry in style but with an attractive saltiness. Perfectly suited to salty dogs.

Reviewed May 2017

Elephant Gin Elephant Strength
This high-strength bottling certainly packs an Elephant Strength punch - it also has a long herbal bitter finish.

Kokoro Gin
Sweet orange and berry fruit notes characterise this Japanese influenced English gin.

Longtable Texada Vodka
This superbly clean vodka is restrained as flavoured vodkas go with subtle notes of lemon glass. Perhaps best termed "with a hint of" rather than "flavoured". Well-conceived, well-made and very enjoyable.

Poetic License Northern Dry Gin
Heavily cardamom spiced with pine fresh juniper, this pungent gin could be inhaled to clear a blocked nose. Fresh and enlivening in a G&T.

De Borden Holland Gin
An attractive combination of old-style genever maltiness and modern fresh resinous piney gin with star anise, liquorice and cracked black pepper.

Hendrick's Orbium Quininated Gin
This isn't, as I first thought it might be, a gin with enough quinine whereby you only need to add sparkling water to make a G&T - dilution brings out this gin's wormwood perhaps more than it does the quinine. That said, Orbium does make a superbly complex and wonderfully rounded G&T with a long dry wormwood finish.

Reviewed April 2017

Boxer Gin
This characterful gin punches above its weight and alc./vol. in the flavour stakes as it explodes with piney juniper and zesty citrus freshness along with earthy liquorice and enlivening spice.

Tiger Premium Gin No.1
A classically styled London Dry Gin that's quality is worthy of a very slightly increased alc./vol. and more deluxe packaging.

Glendalough Wild Botanical Gin
Attractive resinous pine, citrus and eucalyptus freshness with enlivening black pepper spice. Faint cashew nuttiness.

Reviewed March 2017

ency 33 image

Bedrock Gin
Classic in style, superbly clean and straightforward, but perhaps lacks complexity and subtlety.

ency 18 image

Portabello Road Gin Local Heros #02
This is a big gin bursting with bergamot freshness, timut pepper spice and subtler grassy and floral notes. These flavours - particularly bergamot explode in a G&T.

ency 13 image

Trevethan Cornish Gin
Good juniper character with enlivening cardamom and black pepper spice, refreshing zesty orange and violet blossom. Invigorating and complex.

ency 87 image

Before Gin Gevener
Beautifully balanced piney juniper, spice and leathery oak with rounding maltiness.

ency 53 image

Blackdown Sussex Dry Gin
We found the nose off-putting but then were surprised by just how much we liked the taste of this silver birch influenced gin. Although bottled at a mere 37.5% alc./vol. Blackdown is also we'll-priced compared to some other "craft" gins.

ency 37 image

The West Winds Gin The Broadside Navy Strength
Powerful in both flavour and alcohol by volume, The Broadside is an appropriate name. However, this bold gin is subtle and complex with faint saltiness, parma violet and nutty liquorice.

ency 44 image

The West Winds Gin The Captain's Cut
Despite its very high alcohol content and cracked black pepper forward spicy botanicals, The Captain's Cut is surprisingly subdued with water/tonic. A gin for those who like their G&T served spicy with delicate herbal complexity.

ency 68 image

The West Winds Gin The Maidenii Voyage Barrel Expedition Gin
This barrel aged gin is incredibly complex with strawberry, nutty and floral notes.

ency 95 image

Tschin Gin
A most unusual gin from Switzerland with pronounced bitter lavender.

ency 85 image

Graveney Organic Gin
There's something honest and innocent about this micro-distilled juniper forward gin with its distinctive black tea, nutty and parma violet notes.

ency 21 image

Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Sloe Gin
Distinctly drier and spicier than classic sloe gins with pronounced freshly sawn spruce woodiness.

ency 23 image

Kyrö Distillery Company Koskue Finnish Aged Rye Gin
Rye spice bursts forth from this pungent pine and eucalyptus forward aged gin.

ency 44 image

KWV Cruxland Gin
Kalahari truffle is the headline botanical in this South African gin but this is overwhelmed by cardamom and aniseed spice. Pleasing notes of rooibos help pull this very distinctly South African gin together.

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