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Winning cocktail: Marco Zero

"This cocktail was inspired by the diverse flavours, social tribes and different cultural heritages found in Recife.

Recife's amalgamation of Portuguese and Dutch colonisers are physically represented in Marco Zero, a public square located in the city center of Recife (the capital of the northeast area of Brazil).

Marco Zero for me is the place that represents the fusion and combination of all the different cultures of my city. For that reason I mixed Beefeater Gin with a salty flavour, used to represent the ocean. For without the ocean and its means of travel, Recife would not have experience such new flavours and fusions.

I also used a variety of different spices, which hold such importance in Refice's culture both new and old, representing in my cocktail the inumerous social tribes that you can observe if you visit Marco Zero square in a Sunday afternoon, for example. The cocktail was completed using the fruity flavours very characterics from our tropical climate."

60ml Beefeater London Dry gin
30ml Homemade Pitanga (brazilian cherry) Cordial
10ml Brazilian herbs & spices tincture
15ml Lime juice
Top with salted cashew air

Garnish with salted cashew air and sea whelk.

Shake all ingredients with ice and serve over crushed ice.

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