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Beefeater MIXLDN - Satoshi Sugiura

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Winning cocktail: Golden Grampus

"This cocktail is inspired from the symbol of my hometown, Nagoya.There are ""Golden Grampus"" on top of Nagoya Castle as the guardians.They love to eat meat.So this ""Golden Grampus"" is the Beefeater cocktail for Nagoya.This story has began to crossover the London & Nagoya's symbols.
Nagoya is the city with both history and modernity. That's why I twisted a classic cocktail to a modern style.""Golden Grampus"" includes also the enjoyable local foods of Nagoya.I hope it will take the golden journey from Nagoya to London."

50ml Beefeater 24
15ml Sauternes wine
1 pinch Marygold
45ml Original Nagoya Punch
8 dashes Homemade miso bitters

"Pour Beefeater 24, Sauternes & Nagoya Punch into mixing glass.
Stir with ice. Then pour into the glass going through Marygold.
Drop the Miso bitters.
Put the golden powder on the cocktail as garnish."

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