Crimbo Cocktail Calendar 2/24

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The countdown to Christmas has begun. On the 2nd December, treat yourself with a tasty cocktail created by the leading man at this bar in Singapore's Chinatown.

Operation Dagger in Singapore present their Christmas cocktail.

Chocolate Ocean

Created by: Luke Whearty at Operation Dagger in 2018.
Glass: Highball
Garnish: Samphire
Luke's Method: Blend all ingredients with hand blender and strain through fine muslin cloth before transferring liquid to plastic bottles. (For 1.5L bottles add 1L of liquid. Chill bottles before carbonating. Once chilled expel as much oxygen from bottle as possible by squeezing bottle before adding carbonator. Carbonate with CO2 and place in refrigerator overnight. The next day, carbonate again and shake to mix CO2 throughout liquid. Carbonate once more before service. Keep bottles chilled for service and carbonate when not in use.

(Part A) Cacao Distillate:
100g Cacao
1L White Rum
Water Bath: 70 degrees
RPM: 120-150
Condenser: - 30 degrees
Pressure: -100 Kpa

(Part B) Chocolate Ocean Batch:
200ml Cacao Distillate
200ml Junmai Daiginjo Sake
100ml White Privilege
200ml Longan Nectar Honey
1L Filtered Water
20g Samphire
5g Sea Salt

Inspired by the flavours of chocolate and the sea.

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