Crimbo Cocktail Calendar 5/24

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The festive countdown continues, and we introduce another cocktail treat made at this legendary bar with nearly 130 years of serving history.

American Bar at The Savoy in London present their Christmas cocktail.

Red Lips Rye

Created by: Declan McGurk
Glass: Coupe
Garnish: Block ice
Method: Stir

40ml Michters Rye
5ml Kummel
10ml Campari
30ml Fortified raspberries cordial*

Homemade fortified raspberries cordial:
Water bath 480ml Port, 240ml sugar syrup, 16 pinch citric acid and 16 raspberries together.

The Texan model Jerry Hall posed for a lingerie shoot in a London studio, 1978 and was the inspiration behind Red Lips Rye.

Difford’s Guide Crimbo Cocktail Calendar

1st December - Dead Rabbit's Crimbo cocktail
2nd December - Operation Dagger's Crimbo cocktail
3rd December - The Clumsies' Crimbo cocktail
4th December - Le Syndicat's Crimbo cocktail

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