Crimbo Cocktail Calendar 7/24

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We introduce the next drink on our Crimbo Cocktail Calendar made at this bar along the canals in Amsterdam, ran by the duo who also represent Difford's Guide NL.

Flying Dutchmen Cocktails in Amsterdam present their Christmas cocktail.

Irish Royal Fizz

Created by: Tess Posthumus & Timo Janse
Glass: Frozen pilsner
Garnish: Cacao dust
Method: Shake & strain, then top up with soda water.

60 ml Writers Tears Potstill Irish Whiskey
20 ml Lemon juice
20 ml Guinness syrup*
1 Whole egg
Top up soda water from a syphon

*Guinness syrup: A 2:1 rich syrup.

Inspiration: Our way of showing how you can stretch classics to signature cocktails, while staying true to the spirit and heritage of the classic cocktail. Highlighting the possible dark flavours found in a royal fizz, Guinness and Irish whiskies to make it suitable for winter times.

Difford’s Guide Crimbo Cocktail Calendar

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