Crimbo Cocktail Calendar 8/24

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To help us get in the jolly spirit, today's cocktail on our Crimbo Calendar is incredibly festive with tasty bold trimmings to match, created at this bar in London which boasts a tasteful 1920s decor, and takes it's name from the famous gin martini.

The Gibson in London present their Christmas cocktail.

Tokay & the Unicorn

Created by: Marian Beke
Method: Pour all the ingredients in a large pan. Then add all the spices as cinnamon, star anise, cloves, allspice and lemon and orange zest.
Cook on a low heat for 15mins. Let it sit on the spices for 30 mins and then strain it. Add fresh tangerine juice and tea spoon of the 9y.o. home made marmalade as a sweetener. (Serve the drink hot in a Christmas mug of your choosing.)

For 10 portions:

400ml Bimber white rum
500ml Tokaj 5 puttonyos
500ml Chardonnay or sweet wine
150ml Unicum plum
150ml Rakomelo
Mulled wine spices
Fresh tangerine
Touch of honey
9yo marmalade

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