Crimbo Cocktail Calendar 18/24

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Our Crimbo Cocktails Calendar brings a delicious drink from this rustic-styled bar in São Paulo.

Guilhotina in Brazil present their Christmas cocktail.

Lose your Flamingo

Created by: Marcio Silva
Glass: Wine glass
Method: Shake all ingredients with ice and fine strain to a wine glass with ice cube. Add 30ml of hibiscus and pineapple kombucha then stir well.

60 ml Pineapple infused Angostura White Oak rum
20 ml sherry reduction with sweet vermouth and red berries (strawberry, blackberry, raspberry)
20 ml homemade hibiscus and raspberry cordial
20 ml fresh lime juice
2.5 ml jabuticaba vinegar

Difford’s Guide Crimbo Cocktail Calendar

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2nd December - Operation Dagger's Crimbo cocktail
3rd December - The Clumsies' Crimbo cocktail
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6th December - The Connaught Bar's Crimbo cocktail
7th December - Flying Dutchmen Cocktails' Crimbo cocktail
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9th December - Charles H. Crimbo cocktail
10th December - Last Word Saloon Crimbo cocktail
11th December - Atlas' Crimbo cocktail
12th December - NoMad's Crimbo cocktail
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15th December - Lost + Found's Crimbo cocktail
16th December - Floreria Atlantico's Crimbo cocktail
17th December - Sub Astor's Crimbo cocktail

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