Life, Lemons & Limoncello

Words by Simon Difford

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I think of limoncello as summer in a bottle, making zesty zippy refreshing cocktails such as the Limoncello Spritz, the Negroni-like Sorrentino, or the invigorating Yellow Belly.

Pallini is not your typical limoncello but one that starts with sun-drenched lemon groves on the Amalfi Coast where very special lemons with low acidity and very thick skins are grown and individually peeled. This lemon zest is just the start of the story.

From the comfort of your own home, join us in a beautiful roof-top setting with a view of the Colosseum as we take a journey to visit Pallini's lemon groves and behold Amalfi Sfusato Lemons which are the size of footballs that are so sweet that locals eat them for breakfast.

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What's on the agenda

Meet members of the Pallini family and find out how they progressed from making liquors for the locals in Antrodoco to making the international brand, Pallini Limoncello.

Join fifth generation Micaela Pallini and her cousin Luca Cervellione Pallini as they discuss their family's 145-year liqueur making experience and the marvels of the Amalfi Sfusato Lemons.

Not only will you learn about the process of limoncello making but you'll also be able to put into practice your home cocktail making skills as Matteo Zed from the acclaimed The Court cocktail bar in Rome mixes the cocktails and shows us how to make a Limoncello Spritz, a PLB and a Limoncello Gin Fizz.

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