20 best alternatives to a G&T

Words by Simon Difford

Photography by Dan Malpass

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With the 100s of new gin distilleries that have sprung up and the numerous variations of tonic, there are now thousands of possible different combinations of gin and tonic to try. And that's before you factor in garnishes, such as in the Gin Tonica below.

We do like a classic crisp clean Gin & Tonic but now and again it's good to have a little variety, so with this in mind we present 20 alternatives to a G&T.

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Milanese G&T
With: Campari, dry gin and tonic.
We say: Campari adds colour and bittersweet herbal complexity.

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Gin Sonic Highball
With: Dy gin, tonic and soda.
We say: A lower alcohol and lower sugar version of a G&T.

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Gin Tonica
With: Dry gin and tonic, garnish with cardamom pods.
We say: Something of a Spanish phenomenon, where the G&T tends to be served in an oversized goldfish bowl-like glass.

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Pink Gin & Tonic
With: Dry gin, aromatic bitters and tonic water.
We say: Basically a G&T with an extra pep of flavour from the bitters.

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G & Tea
With: Dry gin, elderflower liqueur, black tea and tonic water.
We say: Dry, floral, long and refreshing.

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Gin-Ger & Tonic
With: Root ginger, dry gin, sugar syrup and tonic water.
We say: A dry, refreshing long drink for those that like their G&Ts gingered.

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St Clemence
With: Dry gin, orange juice, lemon juice and tonic water.
We say: A gin-charged alcoholic riff on the classic non-alcoholic Saint Clements cocktail.

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Gin Atomic
With: Dry gin, basil leaves, elderflower liqueur, lemon juice, lemon bitters and tonic water.
We say: A nuclear gin and tonic - or at least, one that simply radiates flavour.

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Parma Negroni
With: Dry gin, Campari, grapefruit juice, sugar syrup, aromatic bitters and tonic water.
We say: A long citrusy riff that takes the classic Negroni from an early evening cocktail to perhaps one to enjoy on a sunny afternoon.

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G+T Royale
With: Dry gin, vanilla syrup, orange bitters, tonic water and champagne.
We say: A summery aperitif gin cocktail with crisp tonic water and enlivening champagne, flavoured with hints of vanilla and orange.

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Give Me Fever
With: Dry gin, triple sec, mezcal, lime juice, lemon juice, sugar syrup and tonic water.
We say: This drink combines the fever quenching G&T with medicinal lavender and flavoursome mezcal.

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Gin Spider Highball
With: Dry gin, aromatic bitters and ginger ale.
We say: A pink Gin & Ginger would also be a fitting name for this tasty alternative.

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With: Dry gin, lime juice, raspberry liqueur and ginger ale.
We say: This pink, gin-based drink is light and fruity with lime juice balancing sweet raspberry liqueur and lengthened with ginger ale.

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Gin Buck
With: Dry gin, lemon juice and ginger ale.
We say: Ginger ale is only second to tonic water when it comes to gin mixers.

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Dutch Orange Cup
With: Dry gin, orange curaçao, sweet vermouth, aromatic bitters and ginger ale.
We say: Easy drinking, fruity and gin laced with caramel vermouth freshened by zesty orange.

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Southside Rickey
With: Dry gin, lime juice, sugar syrup, mint leaves and soda water.
We say: A gin-based Mojito served over cracked ice meets the classic Southside. The result is refreshing and easy drinking.

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Gin Fizz
With: Dry gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and soda water.
We say: Everyone has heard of this clean, refreshing, long drink but few have actually tried it.

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First Post
With: Dry gin, gentian liqueur, lime juice, sugar syrup, absinthe and soda water.
We say: Pale green in colour with a refreshing bitter/sour sweet profile.

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Gin Agrumi Highball
With: Dry gin, limoncello and grapefruit soda.
We say: Citrusy gin and accompanying botanicals, zesty limoncello and grapefruit soda.

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Smoky Orchard Highball
With: Dry gin, pear liqueur, celery bitters and smoked tonic water.
We say: Savoury, delicately fruity and refreshing with delicate ripe pear, dry gin and celery with a hint of smoke.

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