Coldroom's 10 Signature Cocktails

Words by Robert Weeks, General Manager, The Coldroom

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Robert Weeks, GM at The Coldroom in Montréal, Canada shares his bar team's 10 signature cocktails.

Here at Coldroom we aim to focus on approachable drinks, just easy drinking things for all. A large part of our clientele want creations or classics, so we keep the menu small and fun.

We receive a huge range of clients coming through the door. Particularly a lot of tourists in summer, and people at different stages of their night, as prior to COVID we were open till 3am 363 days of the year. These drinks are some of our favourite house recipes, and a few personal go to's.

Since being closed for COVID, we have had to pivot our business model, as in Quebec we are not allowed to sell any takeout alcohol or bottled cocktails. So we have had to find other ways to make money for the business. We have just dropped our fall clothing line on our website (, or check out or IG (@thecoldroommtl) for updates and other fun things we are up to.

Coldroom's 10 signature cocktails

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Cereal Killer Colada

Glass: Pilsner
Garnish: Umbrella and Froot Loops
Method: Shake very briefly all ingredients with crushed ice, then dump contents into a pilsner glass, crown with crushed ice and top with Froot Loops and umbrella to garnish.

2oz/60ml Yellow Chartreuse
2oz/60ml Pineapple Juice
1.5oz/45ml Froot Loop infused Coconut Milk
0.25oz/7.5ml Lime Juice
0.5oz/15ml Honey

Easily our best selling drink over summer, people just wanted to have fun and for a while forget about COVID and quarantining. Created by Robert Weeks.

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Pomme Ci Pomme Ca

Glass: Nick and Nora
Garnish: Apple Fan
Method: Stir all ingredients in a mixing glass, strain into a chilled glass.

1oz/30ml Calvados
1oz/30ml Blended Scotch
0.75oz/22.5ml Tarragon infused Oloroso Sherry
0.25oz/7.5ml Bénédictine D.O.M

Fall twist on a Bobby Burns. Apple season is huge in Quebec with everyone taking family days out to go picking. Created by Robert Weeks.

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Le Menth'ur

Glass: Rocks
Garnish: Mint Leaf
Method: Stir all ingredients in a mixing glass, strain over ice into a rocks glass.

1.5oz/45ml Espadin Mezcal
0.5oz/15ml Oloroso Sherry
0.5oz/15ml Mint Syrup
0.5oz/15ml Citric/Malic Acid solution
3 dashes Saline

Last year we got very into transparent drinks and citrus alternatives. Recently featured at ATLAS bar as part of their WorldAtlas, along with the Pomme ci Pomme Ca. Created by Robert Weeks.

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Sherry Valance

Glass: Coup
Garnish: None
Method: Add all ingredients to a shaker, shake, fine strain into coup.

1.5oz/45ml Manzanilla Sherry
0.5oz/15ml Lemon Juice
0.5oz15ml Orange Juice
0.75oz/22.5ml Orgeat
0.5oz/15ml Armagnac
3 dashes Peychauds

Delicious sour little sipper, featuring everyone's favourite character from the movie The Outsiders. Created by Jonathan Elbaz.

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Banana Del Rey

Glass: Coup
Garnish: Banna Del Rey edible sticker
Method: Dry shake, wet shake, fine strain into coup. Gently place sticker on top using tweezers.

1.25oz/37.5ml Mezcal
0.5oz/15ml Aquavit
0.75oz/22.5ml Lemon Juice
0.75oz/22.5ml Banana Agave
0.75oz/22.5ml Egg White

Really amazing local distillery was making a delicious aquavit we wanted to use in a different way. Created by Sam Kirk.

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Matcha Made in Heaven

Glass: Tiki Panda
Garnish: Mint, sweets, fun things
Method: Shake and strain, over ice. Garnish exotically.

2oz/60ml Sake
0.5oz/15ml Rinquinquin Peach Aperitif
1oz/30ml Matcha Green Tea Syrup
0.75oz/22.5ml Pineapple Juice
0.5oz/15ml Lime Juice
2 dashes Pecan bitters

Matcha tea is good for you and people love Pandas. Created by Aidan Lavoie-Whittal.

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The Bastille

Glass: Rocks
Garnish: None
Method: Stir, all ingredients and strain over a single large ice cube.

1.5oz/45ml Armagnac
0.75oz/22.5ml Lillet Blanc
0.75oz/22.5ml Bénédictine D.O.M
2 dashes Walnut Bitters

Nice little, autumnal OF/Manhattan twist. I love Bénédictine D.O.M., and everyone should drink more Armagnac. Created by Robert Weeks.

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Glass: Coup
Garnish: Bay leaf and Olive oil
Method: Stir all ingredients, strain into coup. Garnish with a few drops of olive oil and a single bay leaf.

2oz/60ml Gin
0.5oz/15ml Lillet Blanc
1 bar spoon Amaretto
3 dashes Bay leaf tincture

Odd combo but delicious for those who enjoy slightly dirty martinis. Created by Aidan Lavoie-Whittal.

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Roi de L'ete

Glass: Beer Can
Garnish: Dehydrated Lime
Method: Build all ingredients in beer can, over crushed ice. Churn/swizzle, garnish and enjoy.

1.5oz/45ml Bitter aperitif
1.5oz/45ml Grapefruit Juice
1oz/30ml Falernum
Top with beer

Radlers are huge here in summer as it's so humid, this is our little house version. Created by Grace Honsberger-Grant.

ency 71 image

Dragon Punch

Glass: Coup
Garnish: Cucumber Roll
Method: Shake all ingredients, fine strain into a coup.

1.5oz/45ml Mezcal
0.5oz/15ml Yellow Chartreuse
1oz/30ml Lime Juice
0.5oz/15ml Orgeat
2 dashes Tabasco

Spicy, sour, smoky. Mai Tai structure but tastes more like a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. Created by Robert Weeks.

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