Words by Simon Difford

Rolling image 1

Sometimes also referred to as the ‘Cuban Roll’ after the origin of this method of mixing, ‘rolling’ offers more dilution and aeration than simply stirring, but is more gentle than shaking. It is achieved by simply pouring the ingredients from one container to another.

To do this, assemble your ingredients in a mixing glass or base of your shaker. Add ice and strain into a second mixing glass or tin with a large diameter-lipped rim increasing the distance between the two vessels as you pour. Then pour the partially mixed cocktail back into the first ice-filled container and strain into the second once again. Repeat this process several times and you will have 'rolled' your drink.

The best-known example of a drink which benefits from being rolled rather than shaken is a Bloody Mary. Rolling maintains the thick mouth feel of the tomato juice while shaking produces a very thin drink.