Rolling or tumbling

Words by Simon Difford

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Not to be confused with the 'Cuban Roll' which refers to the rolling motion employed by perficient practitioners of the throwing mixing method, 'rolling' is a gentle way to mix cocktail ingredients.

Mixing a cocktail by 'rolling' is pretty self-explanatory. Instead of violently moving the shaker back and forth it is tumbled over and over in a circular motion between the two hands. While the drink is still mixed in a shaker, it is a very gentle way to mix and chill a cocktail. It's also easier and does not impart the same degree of aeration as the throwing mixing method,

The best-known example of a drink that can benefit from being rolled rather than shaken is a Bloody Mary. Rolling maintains the thick mouthfeel of the tomato juice. Conversely, shaking a Bloody Mary destroys the thick texture of the tomato juice so producing a very thin drink.

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