When Ukrainians raise a glass, rather than toast "cheers" they traditionally say "Budmo" which translates to mean 'let us be'. Said to date back to Cossack times this remains the shortest and the most popular Ukrainian toast. Now it means so much more...

A group from the bar and spirits community have created a charity project, BudmoUA to support Ukrainian restaurants that cook for 16,800 people every single day. They provide food to Ukrainian troops, medical staff, elderly and children, young mothers and people in need. referencing their nation's traditional toast, they have called their charity BudmoUA.

They ask that when you raise a glass, you say budmo rather than cheers in support of the people of Ukraine and beyond this they have created a website where you can make donations: BudmoUA.world

They have also come up with a number of innovative ways for those in the international bar industry to support BudmoUA:

  • Introduce a special cocktail dedicated to Ukraine and donate a voluntary part of its revenue through BudmoUA.world.
  • Mark one or more cocktails on your menu with a BudmoUA sticker to encourage guests to cheer in Ukrainian. There are no requirements to the recipe. (Sticker Layout is available on BudmoUA.world.)
  • Invite guests to donate directly on the BudmoUA.world via a code (QR code available for download).
  • BudmoUA offers merchandise layouts ready for print - to show the support. We provide layouts of T-shirts, coasters, menu sticker and QR code.
  • Organize dedicated fundraising events such as a jazz evening.
  • Or simply donate, and we will cheer Budmo for you!

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