Savatiano grape variety

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Savatiano is by far the most planted indigenous grape variety in Greece and probably one the most ancient ones in Greece. Its ability to deliver high yields even in hot and arid conditions makes it a natural choice for vineyard owners, especially back in the 1980s when demand for inexpensive white wines necessitated such a high yielding grape.

The pursuit of high yields over quality led to Savatiano suffering from a bad reputation which lasted two decades but it is now making a comeback as a vine of choice by quality-driven producers. Indeed, non-irrigated low yield Savatiano vines produce some very fine terroir-driven wines with great ageing potential.

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AKA: Doubraina, Kountoura Aspri (white)
Berry/ bunch size: Medium sized berries in large and tight bunches
Alcohol: Medium
Acidity: Moderate
Body: Medium
Characteristic: Vigorous and productive, late bud break and late ripening
Resistance to drought: High
Style of wines: Light and refreshing whites with oily texture and good ageing potential.
Fun Fact: The most widely planted grape variety in Greece, and one of the oldest varieties. The name Savatiano probably derives from the Greek word for Saturday (Savato).
Food Pairings: Seafood, white meat, vegetable dishes, and Mediterranean specialties.

Savatiano produces

  • Light and fresh white wines with fruity and herbal aromas that can age well.
  • Creamy-textured white wines that have undergone extensive maturation on their lees.
  • Full-bodied, yet with well-defined fruit aromas white wines that have matured in oak barrels.

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