Assyrtiko grape variety

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Assyrtiko is by far the most famous Greek white grape variety worldwide.

Assyrtiko originated on the volcanic island of Santorini but has adapted to also thrive in other parts of Greece. When Assyrtiko is grown in the Central Greece region it tends to be fruitier and more moderate in acidity and body than when grown on Santorini.

Assyrtiko can produce very different styles of white wines ranging from still to traditional method sparkling and sweet wines from sun-dried grapes. The grape is unique in being the only white grape variety in the Mediterranean basin that produces wines with both high levels of sugar and acidity.

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AKA: Assirtico, Assyrtico, Asurtico, Asyrtico and Atzala
Berry/ bunch size: Large berries in large compact bunches
Alcohol: Medium- High
Acidity: High
Body: Light-medium
Characteristic: Vigorous and relatively productive, very late bud break and late ripening.
Resistance to drought: Very high
Style of wines: Rich and refreshing dry white wines with salinity and long ageing potential and complex sweet white wines made from sundried grapes.
Fun Fact: Assyrtiko come from Greece's Santorini Island where it has been grown for centuries. The grape produces white wines that behave like red wines when aged.
Food Pairings: Seafood dishes like shellfish, grilled fish, oysters and tomato-based dishes

Assyrtiko produces:

  • Monovarietal rich and fresh wines with fruity and mineral aromas.
  • Single variety full-bodied salty whites matured in oak.
  • Blends with other varieties that lack structure and freshness.
  • Orange wines with dry herbal and floral aromas and pungent aftertaste from the extended skin maceration.

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