Mavrokountoura grape variety

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Mavrokountoura is called many different names in the central and south Aegean islands, such as Mandilari and Amorgiano. This dark-skinned indigenous Greek grape variety is widely planted thanks to its deep colour and firm structure wines.

The variety takes its name from the combination of the word 'Mavro', which means black in Greek, and 'Kountoura' another variety that's a clone of the Mandilaria variety which grows on Evia island.

When Mavrokountoura is grown on Evia island it tends to produce smaller grapes with higher sugar compared to when grown in Central Greece. The grapes which are naturally high in acidity and tannins, can produce long living reds.

Mavrokountoura can be the perfect blending option for wines made from local red grape varieties that lack colour.

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AKA: Mandilaria, Doubraina Mavri (Black), Mavro (Black) Kountoura, Amorgiano
Berry/ bunch size: Large grapes in big bunches
Alcohol: Medium
Tannins: Velvety medium to fine grained high
Body: Medium
Characteristic: Vigorous and productive, late bud break and late ripening.
Resistance to drought: High
Style of wines: Easy to drink and zesty rosé wines and intensely coloured mellow, yet sturdy red wines.
Fun Fact: Though it shares the same names with Savatiano there is no genetical connection between the two varieties.
Food Pairings: Chicken cooked in wine, red meat, grilled steak.

Mavrokountoura produces:

  • Modern, light, pleasant and refreshing rosés.
  • Blends with other reds, offering its deep colour and structure.
  • Firm and concentrated monovarietal reds with deep colour.

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