Spirited Reviews July 2014

Words by Simon Difford

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The following are new products we've received and other products reviewed during July 2014.

Products are listed according to the diffordsguide rating awarded to them. Please click on product names for tasting notes and further information on each product.

diffordsguide rating 5+/5

ency 78 image

Plantation rum St Lucia Old Reserve 2003

Citadelle Gin Reserve 2011 Limited Edition

Citadelle Gin Reserve 2012 Limited Edition

Pierre Ferrand Ancestrale Grand Champagne 1er Cru de Cognac

El Dorado 25 Year Old 1986 Vintage Reserve

Antico Amaro Noveis

Letterpress Limoncello

the OriGIN gin

diffordsguide rating 5/5

ency 14 image

No. 209 Barrel Reserve Sauvignon Blanc Gin

Citadelle Gin Reserve Solera 2013 Limited Edition

Brew by Numbers 14/01 Tripel Mosaic

Dopo Teatro Cocchi Vermouth Amaro

Dà Mhìle 12 year old Single Malt Whiskyc

Flemish Gin Twenty Three (FG 20-3)

ency 46 image

Ypioca Empalhada prata cachaça

Hine Antique XO Grand Champagne Premier Cru Cognac

diffordsguide rating 4.5/5

ency 11 image

St Lucia Distillers 1931 Second Edition Rum

Sohocello Limoncello

Citadelle Gin Reserve 2009 Limited Edition

Dorchester Old Tom gin

Highland Park Dark Origins Island Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Smirnoff Gold Collection Cinnamon Flavoured Liqueur

Brew by Numbers 01/06 Saison Motueka & Lime beer

Leopold's Navy Strength American Gin

Dà Mhìle Organic Seaweed Gin

Unoco raw coconut water

Damrak Amsterdam Gin

ency 22 image

Hine Rare VSOP Fine Champagne Cognac

Brew by Numbers 05/01 India Pale Ale (Amarillo & Citra)

Brew by Numbers 11/02 Session IPA (Motueka & Centennial)

Jake's Orchard Sparkling Cider with English Nettles

diffordsguide rating 4/5

ency 25 image

Shepherd Neame & Sigtuna Barley Wine 2014 Collector's Edition

Burleigh's London Dry Gin

Jose Cuervo Tradicional Silver 100% agave tequila

Oxford Dry Darjeeling & Lemon Iced Tea

Mount Gay Eclipse Barbados Rum

Remy Martin Coeur de Cognac

El Espolon Reposado Tequila

Cinnamon Apple Infuse Vodka

Chili Pepper Infuse Vodka

Brew by Numbers 01/01 Saison Citra beer

Silver Rocks Vodka

El Espolon Blanco 100% agave tequila

Bold London Spirit

Smirnoff Gold Collection Cinnamon Flavoured Liqueur

Silver Tree American Small Batch Vodka

Brew by Numbers 01/03 Saison Cucumber & Juniper beer

Brew by Numbers 01/06 Saison Motueka & Lime

ency 23 image

Brew by Numbers 01/04 Saison Ginger & Grapefruit beer

H by Hine VSOP Cognac

Langtons of Skiddaw No.1 Lakeland Gin

Chilgrove Dry Gin

ency 51 image

Brew by Numbers 12/03 Barrel Aged Export Stout

Smirnoff White Freeze Filtered Premium Vodka

Cornish Orchards Farmhouse Cider

Cornish Orchards Cornish Gold Cider

diffordsguide rating 3.5/5

ency 86 image

Maddens Mellow Armagh Cider

Oxford Dry Green Tea & Mango Iced Tea

Bullfinch Dapper Imperial London Bitter

Passoa 'The Passion Drink' Liqueur

Peach Infuse Vodka

Mango Infuse Vodka

Orange Clove Infuse Vodka

Boe Superior Gin

Three Barrels Honey

Lamb's Navy Rum

Dà Mhìle Small Batch Organic Farmhouse Botanical Gin

Audemus Spirits Pink Pepper Gin

El Ron Prohibido

Leopold's American Small Batch Gin

Manzana Loca Cider with Tequila and Lime Flavour

diffordsguide rating 3/5

ency 43 image

Lemon Infuse Vodka

Lamb's Spiced

Cornish Orchards Blush Cider

diffordsguide rating 2.5/5

ency 18 image

Lucky Buddha Enlightened Beer

Beerlao Lager

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