UK Sommelier Association's diploma presentation 2014

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The UK Sommelier Association's (AIS UK) diploma presentation ceremony for the Sommelier course took place on Sunday 31st June at the Oak Room, in Le Meridien Hotel Piccadilly.

The grandiose event, which proved to be a great success, was witnessed by a full house of invitees, all taking in an excellent food and wine tasting, brilliantly orchestrated by Alivini, the Associations principle sponsor.

With 67 students from various international backgrounds, having taken the course not only in London, but also in Chesterfield, they were rewarded with their hard earned diplomas, and "crowned" with their gleaming tastevins.

A great number of young adults will, from now, take their first steps into the fascinating but challenging London catering market,. However, they will take this on reassured and armed with the high level qualification and education they received from the Italian Sommelier Association didactic.

The professionalism acquired during the course has allowed some of the most talented students, soon after completing the course, to successfully pass the somewhat grueling and highly demanding selection process of some of the most eminent restaurants in London.

Names such as The Ritz, Aqua Shard, I Quattro Passi, The Savoy, Shangri La, Galvin, The Dorchester, Bugari, Baglioni, Gordon Ramsey, Novikov, Pollen Street Social, Hakkasan, Locanda Locatelli, Texture, Zuma, Roka are among the course's alumni workplaces.

These successes are a just reward for the hard work and dedication of the course organisers, Andrea Rinaldi (President, UK Sommelier Association) and Federica Zanghirella (Course Director).

Both have a passion, charisma and enthusiasm which was naturally transmitted to the students, creating a warm and amiable atmosphere, something that was very evident during the award ceremony.

Well done to the UK Sommelier Association for spreading wine culture, not only with technical knowledge but with heart and passion.
On the 6th October 2014, a new course, and a new adventure, will start with the same zeal and gusto as in previous years.

UK Sommelier Association's diploma presentation 2014 image 1

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