Camitz Vodka CO2 (Sparkling)


Graduación alcohólica:

No vintage

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Cierre: Champagne/cork & muselet wire cage

Producto de: Product of Sweden Sweden

Launched in 2008, this sparkling, yes sparkling vodka, is distilled using a five column process from Swedish wheat and hydrated with water is sourced from Töllsjö springs. The patented natural cork pops when it is opened. To retain its fizz this vodka should be chilled and not stored in a freezer.

Reseña y cata

Probado 15/01/2012


Crystal clear. Pops when bottle opened and pours with weak mouse and steady stream of small bubbles.


Clean, fairly neutral nose with faint burnt toast and fennel.


Carbonation adds interest and vigour to a clean palate with black pepper spice.


Black pepper with the tingle and acidity associated with carbonated drinks. Looks great when you pour but carbonation makes for a harsh finish.

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