Dos Equis XX Especial Lager

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Graduación alcohólica:

No vintage

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Cierre: Crown cap

Producto de: Product of Mexico Mexico

Originally called 'Siglo XX' - 'siglo' is Spanish for century and the two 'X' Roman numerals represent the beer being named to commemorate the new, as then 20th, century. The modern Dos Equis name means 'two Xs'. Seguir leyendo

Reseña y cata

Probado 24/11/2011


Clear, pale golden yellow with thin white head which quickly collapses.


Uninviting, wet straw, damp breakfast cereal nose with faint wet cardboard.


Uninspiring, dry palate with some cereal maltyness and minimal hops.


Like the palate, there is nothing particularly bad about the toasted white bread finish, just very little of anything much worth mentioning.

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