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Cierre: Screw / Stelvin cap

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The website says, "Yang: in Chinese, noun, masculine, singular", it helpfully goes onto explain that 'yang' is "one of the fundamental principles of Chinese Taoist philosophy which basically corresponds to the principles of masculinity, movement and the fire element: the union of Ying and Yang." Seguir leyendo

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Probado 22/05/2012


Clear, sand yellow with a green tinge.


Green tea and nubuck leather with lime marmalade, (akin to green Fruit Pastel) pine and vanilla.


Fairly syrupy sweet, yet at the same time aggressive, especially considering the mere 18% alc./vol.. Starts as lime cordial and develops to lime marmalade before green tea and cognac emerge. Sadly the tannins along with a note reminiscent of artificial citrus dominate the cognac.


Sour, somewhat reminiscent of artificial citrus and ethyl flavourings.

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