Rock Town Arkansas Hickory Smoked Whiskey

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Cierre: Natural cork stopper

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Distilled from Arkansas soft red winter wheat, which prior to milling has been cold smoked in the distiller’s own hickory smokers. This infuses smoke into the grain and the hickory flavour carries through to the distillate which is aged in ex-bourbon casks.

Reseña y cata

Probado 16/09/2014


Clear, pale golden amber.


Hickory, toasted brazil nuts, peanut butter, balsawood, Chamois leather and saddle soap with butter, rich tea biscuits, light cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla custard. Water amplifies toasty smoked oak and exposes sea air spice.


Dry and spicy with toasted brazil nuttiness, brown bread and mild smoke with cinnamon and nutmeg. Go easy on adding water as it wrecks the balance and builds pepper spice.


Dry brazil nuts with mild nutty smokiness. Lingering cork-like finish.

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