Nardini Grappa Bianca 60% (Brown label)

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Graduación alcohólica:

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Cierre: Synthetic stopper

Producto de: Product of Italy Italy

For over two centuries Nardini sold its unaged ‘classic’ grappa bianco at 50%. Then in 2013 the company launched a more approachable, and thanks to duty savings, a cheaper grappa at 40%. When sampled the 50% was better so somebody thought, why not also bottle it available at 60%. Surely even better?

Reseña y cata

Probado 11/01/2014


Crystal clear.


Chocolate and cacao with forest ferns after rain freshness and white pepper spirity spice.


Powerful and strangely sweet with woody grape notes, white pepper spirity spice, chocolate drinking powder and faint cherry. Its surprisingly enjoyable neat at its full brawny 60% – just take little sips. Indeed, it’s best enjoyed at 60%.


White pepper spice, chocolate truffles and grassy grape notes.

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