Flemish Gin Twenty Three (FG 20-3)

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Graduación alcohólica:

No vintage


Cierre: Synthetic stopper

Producto de: Product of Belgium Belgium

Flemish Gin Twenty Three (sometimes written FG 20-3) is a small batch gin based on grain neutral spirit redistilled with less than 10% malt liquor (used for making genever). This base is the redistilled with 23 botanicals (hence the name) in a 250 litre Holstein copper pot still. Seguir leyendo

Reseña y cata

Probado 30/06/2014


Crystal clear.


Fresh and clean. Piney, camphor, eucalyptus and faint overripe banana juniper notes with aromatic coriander seed, delicate Satsuma orange and lemon zest, and hop-like angelica. Subtle but enlivening spice with fragrant parma violets floral scents.


Clean with a surprisingly soft mouthfeel - especially considering the high alc./vol.. Juniper to the fore with liquorice and good supporting angelica and coriander. Distinct floral character with underlying rootyness, invigorating spice and zesty citrus. Harmonious and well-balanced.


Parma violet notes linger with pine and peppery spice.

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