Suntory Hibiki 12 year old

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Cierre: Natural cork stopper

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Hibiki 12 is blended from malt and grain whiskies, which are filtered through bamboo charcoal before aging in Japanese plum liqueur ‘Umeshu’ casks. The whisky is bottled in an elegant 24 faceted decanter representing both the hours in the day and the 24 seasons of the Japanese lunar calendar. Seguir leyendo

Reseña y cata

Probado 15/06/2011


Clear, vibrantly golden


An inviting nose of tinned pineapple, honey and vanilla.


That easy nose hides the explosion of spice and oakey complexity that hits your palate. The spirit has a thick, velvety texture and spicy acidity tamed by sweet honey and that overripe pineapple so evident on the nose.


The best bit is the lasting honey and spice finish, which as it fades encourages you to have another sip and start the rollercoaster ride all over again.

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