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    28 years

    Cierre: Natural cork stopper

    Producto de: Product of United Kingdom United Kingdom

    The Convalmore distillery is now sadly long closed so this malt is something of a rarity. This bottling was distilled in 1977 and bottled at cask strength in 2005. This is one of only two official bottlings and commemorates the distillery's original owner and his brands motif of a bluebell.

    Reseña y cata

    Probado 07/07/2012


    (bottle number 0982 of 3900)


    (Cut to around 40%) Spiced fruit, pine, acid drops, lemon sponge cake.


    Medium-smoky, spicy palate dried with pine/cedar wood and quinine, lifted with a touch of vanilla sweetness.


    Hints of menthol rise over the smoke in the spicy finish. This old malt benefits from more water than you might initially think and needs time to open.

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