Henri Bardouin Pastis

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No vintage


Cierre: Screw / Stelvin cap

Categorías: Pastis, French Pastis

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Flavoured with 48 herbs and spices, including star anise which provides the dominant flavour. These are slowly and individually infused in neutral alcohol to extract their aroma and flavour over a three month period. Blending takes a further month before the spirit is reduced, ready for bottling. Seguir leyendo

Reseña y cata

Probado 05/04/2014


Clear, pale golden. Louches with water to turn milky straw yellow.


Pungent liquorice and aniseed with faint mint and camomile. Water tones down aniseed and amplifies mint.


Balanced, clean and rounded aniseed with light lemon zest freshness, soft black liquorice, dried mint leaf and a touch of camomile. With the recommended six parts water the pastis is dry with black liquorice flavours dominating.


Long pronounced liquorice and aniseed.

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Barcode UPC: 3 379974 406017

Barcode UPC: 3 379974 406048

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