Screwdriver (Difford's recipe)

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Vaso Collins...
fl oz Ketel One Vodka
3 Rellenar con Freshly squeezed orange juice
¼ fl oz Jarabe de azúcar (2 azúcar a 1 de agua)
3 toque Angostura Orange Bitters
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Cómo se hace:

STIR (preferably with a screwdriver) all ingredients with ice and strain into ice-filled glass.


Orange slice


The temperature at which this drink is served and the freshness of the orange juice are crucial to its success, but it's perhaps better made into a Harvey Wallbanger.


Harvey Wallbanger

Acerca de:

Legend has it that this cocktail first appeared in the late 1940s in Iran where parched American oil engineers working in the desert supposedly added orange juice to their vodka and stirred it with the nearest thing to hand, usually a screwdriver which was attached to their work cloths.

This is partly supported by the following reference to the drink in the 24th October 1949 issue of Time Magazine, “In the dimly lighted bar of the sleek Park Hotel, Turkish intelligence agents mingle with American engineers and Balkan refugees, drinking the latest Yankee concoction of vodka and orange juice, called a 'screwdriver'.”

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