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Vaso Old-fashioned...
¼ fl oz La Fée Parisienne Absinthe Superieure
Rellenar con Agua fría
1 fl oz Coñac
1 fl oz Whiskey Bourbon
1 fl oz St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur
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Cómo se hace:

POUR absinthe into ice-filled old-fashioned glass, TOP with water and set aside. Separately, in mixing glass, STIR other ingredients with ice. Dump contents (absinthe and ice) of old-fashioned glass and charge with fresh ice. Then STRAIN contents (cognac, bourbon and elderflower liqueur) of mixing glass into absinthe rinsed and ice charged old-fashioned glass.


White grapes on stick


Elderflower liqueur mellows and boosts floral notes in the cognac while the merest dash of absinthe dries and adds a robust hint of aniseed.

Acerca de:

Created in 2006 by yours truly (Simon Difford) at The Cabinet Room, London, England.

The name is a reference to the Parisian district of St-Germain lying on the left bank of the River Seine and also a nod to the use of absinthe and its pre-war ban in France, partly due to the belief that it induced insanity.

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