Hot Tommy

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Toddy glass...
2 fl oz Patrón Reposado (orange seal) 100% agave tequila
½ fl oz Jugo de limón recién exprimido
½ fl oz AquaRiva Organic Agave Syrup
Rellenar con Agua hirviendo
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Cómo se hace:

Place spoon in glass. POUR first 3 ingredients into glass. TOP up with boiling water and STIR until agave nectar dissolves.


Lime zest twist


A Mexican twist on the original winter pick-me-up.

Acerca de:

Created in December 2009 by Alan Brown of Menzel's Bar, who says of this drink "Over the busy festive period, feeling full of flu and cold I decided to make a hot toddy to soothe my symptoms. Having no honey to hand I tried using agave nectar instead. This led me to the idea of using tequila and lime instead of lemon (to complement the tequila) with the agave and boiling water. The name for the drink is a Hot Tommy, a nod to the Tommy's Margarita, which makes use of both tequila and agave."

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