Cognac Julep

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Julep Tin glass...
12 fresco Hojas de menta
fl oz Coñac
fl oz Jarabe de azúcar (2 azúcar a 1 de agua)
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Hojas de menta image Coñac image Jarabe de azúcar (2 azúcar a 1 de agua) image

Cómo se hace:

SHAKE all ingredients with ice and fine strain into julep cup half filled with crushed ice. CHURN (stir) the drink with the crushed ice using a bar spoon. Top up the cup with more crushed ice and CHURN again. Repeat this process until the drink fills the cup and serve.


Mint sprig


A truly deliciously refreshing cocktail. Woody rancio notes in the cognac are freshened by the mint. Those with a dry palate may want to reduce the sugar a touch.

Acerca de:

Although bourbon is now most commonly associated with the Julep it is probable that it was first made with cognac.

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