Monte Cassino

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¾ fl oz Rittenhouse Bottled In Bond Straight Rye Whisky
¾ fl oz Benedictine D.O.M. Liqueur
¾ fl oz Chartreuse Jaune (Yellow Chartreuse) Liqueur
¾ fl oz Jugo de limón recién exprimido
½ fl oz Agua fría (omitir si se usa hielo mojado)
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SHAKE all ingredients with ice and fine strain into chilled glass.


Lemon zest twist


The robust flavours of rye combine harmoniously with the other ingredients in this riff on the classic Last Word.

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Adapted from a drink created in 2010 by Damon Dyer at Louis 649, New York City. Damon won the Bénédictine 500th Anniversary Cocktail Competition with this drink.

Named after Monte Cassino, a rocky hill 80 miles southeast of Rome, Italy which is best-known for its historic monastery, built on the site where St. Benedict of Nursia established the Benedictine Order circa 529. The hilltop abbey was destroyed by Allied bombing during the World War II but was subsequently rebuilt and reconsecrated in 1964 by Pope Paul VI.

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