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Plum Cake

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½ fresh Ripe peach (skinned and diced)(picado)
2 fl oz Bacardi Carta Blanca Superior White Rum (37.5%)
1 spoon Mermelada de ciruela
fl oz Le Sirop de Monin Spicy syrup
Top up with Three Cents Ginger Beer
½ fl oz Bacardi OakHeart Spiced Rum

Cómo se hace:

MUDDLE peach in base of shaker. Add next rum, plum jam and spice syrup, SHAKE with ice and fine strain into ice-filled glass. TOP with ginger beer and a float of BACARDÍ Oak Heart.


Cinnamon stick


“The inspiration for this cocktail is the plum cake I used to eat as a child. I wanted to capture the rich flavours I associate with these memories, but refine them into a drink to be enjoyed by adults.”

Acerca de:

Puerto Rican BACARDÍ Legacy 2013 winning drink created by Jonathan Thomas from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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