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The Viento

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Nick & Nora...
1 fl oz Bacardi Ocho Anos Gran Reserva Rum
fl oz Bacardi Carta Blanca Superior White Rum (37.5%)
1 fl oz Puré de fresa
fl oz Jugo de limón recién exprimido
½ fl oz AquaRiva Organic Agave Syrup
fl oz Aceite de coco

Cómo se hace:

SHAKE all ingredients with ice and fine strain into chilled glass.




Reminiscent of a strawberry and coconut daiquiri.

Acerca de:

Created for Bacardí Legacy 2017 by Dave Kerr at The Beaufort bar, Melbourne, Australia.

Inspiration: “It has been 15 years since I served my first drink in a bar, using none other than a Bacardi product. Since then we’ve both grown and innovated; but our legacies will continue to grow and, now, be forever intertwined.

“I wanted to use flavours eschewed by modern bartenders and update them with modern techniques and ingredients. The Viento is not a drink designed to impress other bartenders, it is a flavour combination that should evoke memories of fun whilst challenging the palate to identify modern textures.

“I created a drink to show my own trajectory, but also to help highlight the innovation that has occurred in Bacardí rum’s recent history in parallel with my own career.”

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