Flying Grasshopper

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¾ fl oz Ketel One Vodka
¾ fl oz Crema de licor de cacao (blanco)
¾ fl oz De Kuyper Crème de Menthe
½ fl oz Leche
½ fl oz Leche entera
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SHAKE all ingredients with ice and fine strain into chilled glass.


Powdered sugar & chocolate powder rim, plus float tip of mint sprig


A a href="/cocktails/recipe/2674/grasshopper">Grasshopper with a splash of vodka, this creamy after dinner cocktail is all the better for that vodka.

We also like, indeed are undecided if we prefer, this simpler but more alcoholic and calorific recipe: 1 vodka, ¾ green crème de menthe, ¾ white crème de menthe and 1 single cream.

Whichever recipe, this after-dinner cocktail is minty fresh with indulgent chocolate - reminiscent of a choc mint ice-cream.

Acerca de:

A 1970s or earlier more alcoholic riff on the Grasshopper cocktail. Some, including Stan Jones' 1977 Jones' Complete Bar Guide omit the cream: 1 vodka, ¾ green crème de menthe and ¾ white creme de cacao to make a clear emerald green cocktail.

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Makes this drink 31.11 times
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Crème de menthe (green)

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