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Today is Henry C. Ramos' birthday

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Ramos Gin Fizz

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The man who is arguably New Orleans’s most famous bartender, Henry Charles Ramos, generally known as Carl, made his appearance on this day in 1856 in Indiana, to parents of German descent.

A Freemason, teetotaller and pillar of society, Ramos wasn't your typical saloon keeper, especially not in the louche surroundings of Gilded Age New Orleans. Yet he brought the world one of the very few cocktails to have made a specific saloon and bartender famous - the painstakingly shaken Ramos Gin Fizz. During his heyday, Ramos employed entire chains of bar staff passing shakers from hand to hand, to ensure his famous fizz was fully emulsified.

After his death, during the dark days of Prohibition, this fine, if time-consuming concoction, has acquired a life that is all its own. So, we recommend that you gird your loins, roll up your sleeves, and break out your finest hard shake in honour of Carl and his famous Ramos Gin Fizz? Perhaps then read the full story of Henry C. Ramos, the Imperial Cabinet Saloon and his Ramos Gin Fizz.

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