13 Julio

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It's the Hollywood Sign's birthday

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Way back in 1923, a bunch of California realtors established a company to sell property up in the Hollywood Hills. At the then-astronomical cost of $21,000, they set up an enormous, illuminated advertising sign on Mount Lee - "Hollywoodland". Formally dedicated on this day, the sign is now a national landmark. Though it has had its low points.

During the 30s, a failed actress committed suicide by jumping from the sign. By 1949, the sign was trashed, in disrepair and missing the "H". When the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce restored it, it regained the "H" but lost the "land". In 1976, the sign was amended by cannabis campaigners to read "Hollyweed" - in 1978, it was demolished and replaced with the structure we have today.

We are toasting it, and everything to do with Tinseltown, with an excellent cocktail, a Hollywood.

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