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8 rue d’Artagnan,
32440 Castelnau d’Auzan,

The Guasch family, which have been in Gascony since the 12th century, have owned Château Bordeneuve and their Baron de Sigognac armagnac brand since 1974 and are one of the region’s largest negociants.

The family have 60 hectares of vineyards, 75 % of which are planted with ugni blanc and the rest with baco. The soil is very fine clay-sand with high acidity and patches of iron. The Boulbène topsoil is rich in limestone.

The family produce 50 to 60 casks a year using a traditional column still which is almost 100 years old and during the distilling season this is operated continuously day and night. The wine is distilled on the lees and comes off the still at 55–58 % alc./vol.

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