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461 South Road,
Regency Park,
South Australia

Coopers brewery was founded in 1862 by Thomas Cooper who emigrated to Adelaide, South Australia from Yorkshire. Today Coopers is owned and managed by the fifth and sixth generations of the Cooper family.

In 2000 the brewery was moved from its original location to a new purpose-built brewery. However, despite this move and growing volumes, Coopers ales are still brewed using the traditional 'Burton-Upon-Trent' top fermentation method. Coopers does not filter their ales so a little yeast is left in the beer. A little sugar is added so that this yeast causes a secondary fermentation in the bottle, naturally carbonating the ales. Coopers does not pasteurise its beers as this would kill the yeast.

Due to the yeast still being present in the bottle, Coopers beers have a cloudy appearance.

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