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Le Maine Pertubaud,

Jenssen Cognacs come from Le Maine Pertubaud estate in Cognac's most desirable region, Grande Champagne. Le Maine Pertubaud was originally a tiny village consisting of four farms and accompanying outbuildings (distilleries, aging houses, stables etc.), some dating back to the 1600s. These had long been involved in cognac production, but to sell to the large houses for blending.

Although the property can claim cognac dating back to the 1700s, the name Jenssen in terms of cognac production is a relatively recent one. At the end of the 1990s, a wealthy Norwegian businessman, Per Egil Jensen bought the vineyards and farms from the families who owned Le Maine Pertubaud, and along with them a large quantity of old cognac. He renovated the buildings, now used for both production and holiday accommodation and launched the Jenssen Cognac brand.

Per Egil has since sold his interest in Le Maine Pertubaud but his influence continues through the Jenssen Cognac brand and its specialisation in old Grande Champagne cognacs based on the farm's own production. The whole process, from vine to glass, takes place within the estate.

Since 2000, Le Maine Pertubaud is the registered office of two distinct companies. One, Vignoble Le Maine Pertubaud SARL, is the harvester, winemaker and distiller while the other, Jenssen SARL, is responsible for marketing the cognacs.

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