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Isle of Jura,
PA60 7XT
Argyll, Scotland
United Kingdom

Jura or ‘deer’ island’ as it translates from Norse, is inhabited by over 5,000 red deer and some 200 hardy humans. The neighbouring island to Islay, Jura lies off Scotland's west coast and is dominated by two giant mountain peaks – the famous Paps of Jura.

The Isle of Jura distillery lies on the east side of the island and was built between 1960-63 by Robin Fletcher and Tony Riley-Smith in partnership with Charles Mackinlay & Company on the grounds of a previous distillery also called Jura. The original was founded in 1810 but closed and dismantled in 1901.

Isle of Jura Distillery has 24.75 ft tall stills which produces a light malt which is generally liked to the style of a Highland whisky rather than the heavily-peated whisky typical of its near Islay neighbours.

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