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During the Mexican War of Reform and the French Intervention in 1863, a group of landowners and their workers banded together to form a fighting force known as the Chinacos. After the wars (in 1880), a landowner, Manuel Gonzalez, who had been a General, was elected President of Mexico.

Gonzalez’ great grandson, Guillermo, was a lawyer and cotton farmer and in 1952 he became head of the Department of Agriculture. In 1965 Hurricane Beulah devastated the south of Tamaulipas state. While assessing the damage, Guillermo noticed that just about the only plants to have survived the worst of storm were wild agave. After consulting with a major tequila distiller in Jalisco, who offered a generous price, he encouraged his neighbours in Tamaulipas state to plant thousands of agave plants.

Eight years later, the first crop was harvested, but the distiller reneged on the deal, offering less than half the original price. Furious, Guillermo decided to open his own distillery. He fought until 1977 to have the official tequila production area extended to include 11 municipalities of the state of Tamaulipas. Guillermo named his tequila Chinaco, as a tribute to his great grandfather and a reminder of the battle he went through to get his brand registered as tequila.

Early in 1993, Guillermo died and his four sons took over the distillery. In early February 1996 the bothers added the letters GGDL to Chinaco’s logo as a tribute to their father whose full name was Guillermo Gonzalez Diaz Lombardo. All Chinaco Tequilas are 100% agave.

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