Boisdale of Bishopgate

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Dirección: Swedeland Court, (passageway to the left of Dirty Dick’s pub), London, EC2M 4NR, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 207 283 1763
Sitio web: View bar's website
Horarios: Mon-Fri 11:30am-11pm
Puerta: Hacer reservación
Estilo: Restaurant bar
Recomendado para: Bebidas
Guía de precios: Medio
Alimentos: Menú completo

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Not content with being heir to large swathes of Scotland, Ranald Macdonald younger of Clanranald, the elder son of the 24th Captain of Clanranald, continues to expand his interests in the capital. In 2002 he acquired that former bastion of Englishness, Bill Bentley's, and converted it to his second restaurant and bar. The original Boisdale club is over in Belgravia and even there attracts its fair share of City types, so this newer outlet is well positioned opposite Liverpool Street Station. It takes its name from Loch Boisdale in South Uist in the Hebrides and has a suitably Scottish theme.

Just as in Belgravia, you'll find a gentleman's club style interior with dark green and lacquer red panelling, aged oak floors, leather seats, marble topped tables and an eclectic collection of framed art. Upstairs operates as a wine bar, while the basement restaurant mutates into a live jazz club each evening between 6 and 9pm.

The beer selection is disappointing but the wine list and choice of malts more than make up for it.

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