Explore these informative and inspiring virtual workshops, now available on-demand, designed to help support bartenders around the world who are currently confined to their homes. As we adapt to life in lockdown, many of us are experiencing negative effects on health and well-being - these topics and others were discussed by the team at Healthy Hospo, in association with Brown-Forman.

The Lockdown Lowdown was designed in response to the effect the Covid-19 pandemic has on our professional and personal lives, and is a collaboration between Healthy Hospo founder Tim Etherington-Judge and spirits group Brown-Forman.

Nidal Ramini, Head of Brand Advocacy for Europe & Africa said, "I spoke to Tim when we were planning these and we both agreed that focusing on positives - the chance to rest, to sleep and eat properly and exercise where permitted were crucial to the output of the sessions. Of course we wanted to cover the less pleasant areas, such as anxiety and isolation but again, focus on getting people into a positive place. No one does this better than Tim and his team, so I'm just really glad that we're able to do this".

To help equip bartenders with coping mechanism tools, Tim Etherington-Judge developed four workshops, covering topics from coping mechanisms to dealing with anxiety and stress, the benefits of good nutrition and how to maintain our overall health and wellbeing.


Tim and his team of expert speakers hosted a total of four Lockdown Lowdown seminars on Zoom, across three different time zones, so that the workshops could reach as many bartenders around the world as possible.

Explore the workshops below.

Rest, Recovery, and Opportunity

Coping with anxiety and stress

Boost your immune system with nutrition

Reconnecting with the world

About Healthy Hospo

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Healthy Hospo was founded in 2017 as a not-for-profit organisation which aims to help, educate, inspire and activate hospitality professionals around the world to thrive.

Tim Etherington-Judge, an ex-bartender and global brand ambassador, knows the hospitality industry inside out and has first-hand experience of the challenges it can place on health and well-being. Following a breakdown in 2016, Tim was overwhelmed by messages of support and realised he was not alone. This experience led him to establish Healthy Hospo a few months later, to help relieve the pain and suffering he could see existed for so many others in his situation. He is committed to helping those in the hospitality industry lead healthier and happier lives. Find out more about Tim's personal journey.

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