Reconnecting webinar

Reconnecting with the world

The final session in the Lockdown Lowdown webinar series, Reconnecting with the world, was streamed live across three time zones. If you missed the session, watch it on-demand in the video above.

Merly Kammerling, therapist, wellness coach and founder of Me, Myself in Mind, joins Tim Etherington-Judge in this webinar on reconnecting with the world.

Our entire world is built on human connection and with the lockdown, we've had it severely limited, or taken away entirely. In this session, Tim and Merly discuss communication, how to build effective relationships, and how to approach coming out of lockdown.

The Lockdown Lowdown seminars are presented by Healthy Hospo, in association with Brown-Forman. Find out more about them here.

The information presented in this webinar is purely for informational and entertainment purposes, and you should not rely on such information as an alternative to professional medical assistance. Should you have any questions or concerns about any health matters, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. Brown-Forman is not responsible for the content in this webinar and any decision to follow any advice in the webinar is the sole responsibility of each attendee.

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